☐ single ☐ taken ☑ dropping out of society to live in the wilderness as a unicorn ;)

Unicorns are honestly one of those mythological creatures whose existence i NEVER believed in, along with angels and vampires. Kind of ironic, since now I am quite possibly one of the most manic fans of The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural 😉 But hey, people evolve. 

This post shall be about unicorns.
Yes, yes, i can already see you rolling your eyes. But to be honest, that quote, or whatever it is, in the title, got me thinking- about how strong an effect this creature has had on today’s pop culture– or, more specifically but just as accurately, American pop culture. I have a mild presence on twitter, as you may have noticed from the twitter sidebar on this page, and so I have watched with interest the frequent references that people make to unicorns. they seem to be regarded as creatures symbolising uniqueness and rebellion. The last part is frankly a bit mystifying to me- I mean, unicorns and rebellion?! Really?! But the mystical ‘White Knight’ phenomenon seems to be associated with this creature- that one knight who will save me and fall in love with me, rebelling against his family, that kind of thing. Supernatural makes really frequent references to them. the last one was in the 14th episode of Season 7- Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie, where I saw this and rather paradoxically started crying with laughter :

Of course, before this, in Season 2 was this adorable brotherly moment:

Coupled with this is the fact that one of my favourite twitter people calls her followers ‘unicorns’. So where does all this leave us? Where do unicorns really stand in today’s world of American-TV-inspired-so-called-fandoms? 
i’m beginning to think that i’m putting too much philosophy in the creatures that must have been the first to call themselves ‘dickheads’ *another oft-repeated twitter joke XD * but hey, when you’re 17, Hindu and from the heart of India, American pop-culture jargon can get pretty mystifying. I’m just trying to find out whether I’ve come close to gasping the truth or not. 

Ending this truly rather pointless but mildly amusing post, here’s an image that will scar you forever:

Goodnight. 😀

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