Dear Jared Padalecki.

I don’t know if I will ever meet you, and this is possibly my only chance to let you know how much I love you. lease know that no matter what life throws at you, you will always have this one person from a far corner of India to pray for you and hope you’re ok. 

I love your green eyes. I love how your laugh sounds- like a sparkling clear expression of carefree joy, that just brightens up my day. I love how you’re always so cheerful. I love what a huuuuge softie you are! Like a cuddly little teddy bear- only with abs 😉 I love your big, kind heart. I love how you care for others around you. I was unable to donate to St. Judes, but you inspired me to help needy children in my area by giving them books, toys and other articles. I love the fact that you helped me know the innocent joy in their eyes. 
I love the fact that you were a nerd in high school! I am too, and that helps me immensely sometimes!  I love your athleticism. I love your lexicon. I love your scruff and I love your clean shaven, highly attractive jaw! *I’m mentally pecking it right now* i absolutely ADORE your dimples. I think they define how you are- sweet and lovable.
Sometimes people say wrong things. Please don’t let them get you down. Could you let Genevieve know that I have a girl-crush on her?! She’s so beautiful! 
And now you’re a father and you have Thomoose Colt Padababy at home. Give him a little kiss from me? I know he’ll be the nicest person with the biggest heart. 
I hope you will continue to soar new heights- from now on, and throughout your career. I will be there, along with thousands of others, cheering you on. Whether as Sam Winchester, or as a kick-ass action star, I want you flashing your dimples on my screen and I know that you surely will.
Happy Birthday Jared Padalecki. Congratulations on graduating into thirty! Go win the world. It’s waiting for you. 
Love, Irina. 

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