Salvatore fanfic Part 2

Disclaimer: Just in case you missed the last one, I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING except the writing AND I DO NOT ENDORSE ANY SHIPS SO NO WARS HERE PLEASE. 

“Empoussssssssaaaaiii……” the creature whispered.
Stefan jerked away from its foul breath. His hands were bound in iron chains doused in vervain, and his wrists were on fire. He met its milky gaze, his own blue eyes burning with hatred and anger.
An instinctive snarl erupted from his throat as the creature touched his cheek.
“Empoussai.” The creature whispered, straightening up, its black shroud hiding it hideous, gray, wrinkled visage, “We… are your parents. The ones from whom your dynasty drew power, and sucked our foremothers dry. Essssther….”
The creatures head snapped back towards Stefan. “Ah. Esther, she had her punishment at the hands of our sisters… but we? We were the outcasssstsss of nature, we gave birth to an abomination of nature, and so nature punished usss! Eternally doomed! Eternally tied to roam the Earth, sssstarving and helpless! And all for no fault of ourssss!”
In its anger, the creature seemed to grow, its ugly shadow writhing on the candlelit walls. But suddenly it was still.
“But now….”
Stefan’s heart went cold. The creature’s head swiveled slowly towards him, and its features were aglow with a gross smile.
“Now, we finally know what makes usss ssssstrong again… A fresh flow of life is here!’
“Very impressive,” Stefan snarled, his pale, sweat-streaked face twisted into a sneer of rage. “Very impressive, except for one thing. Don’t underestimate your children.”
As the creature whipped around with a snarl, Stefan leapt towards it, breaking free of the chains, his wrists paining him like a thousand devils. He crashed down on her and she twisted away, fangs sinking into his flesh, her venom oozing into his blood, but he thrust his  hand forwards, and in one, easy step it was over- he pulled out and crushed her heart in his hands.

The sparkling azure Pacific ocean slipped by below the steep cliffs. The black SUV sped along the narrow highway snaking its way across the cordillera.
“The top of the hill,” said Damon, without taking his eyes off the road, “The eucalyptus forests at the very top. That’s where Bonnie’s spell lead Caroline to.”
A wealth of pine trees zipped past as the distinctive smell of eucalyptus drifted in through the windows of the car. The sun shone brightly over the dark green tree tops. In the car, everyone was silent.
Bonnie quietly sat at the back. She, Caroline and Elena were looking out of the windows at the magnificent view of the glittering blue waters far below us.  Damon really was the lone knight amongst us today. I smiled at the irony, and sighed. And then there was I, the only human, also the only one without supernatural protection.
“So you stay with Bonnie,” Damon had growled earlier, towering over me as we stood waiting for the others by the car. “You’restubborn enough to go and I’mstubborn enough to make sure you live. So no compromise.” And he walked away. I wasn’t exactly thankful. I knew the witch didn’t like me, and I wasn’t looking forward to being babysat by her. And still we sped on, as the golden sun shined down on us.
It was cold and dark in the eucalyptus forest.
The ‘house’ was barely upright; its roof was tumbling in, window panes cracked and opaque with thick coats of dust, walls covered in ivy. It stood silent in the middle of a tiny clearing, all by itself, a lone sentinel in the midst of a nightmare. Cicadas chirped  and birds cooed. The leaves of the tress were still. There was no wind. This was where the creatures nested- the only cool, dry underground ‘cavern’ *read: basement* they were likely to find near the spot indicated by the locator spell.
We crept across the forest floor towards it, hardly daring to breathe. Twigs snapped and leaves rustled underfoot, and once I saw a gecko slither over the carpet of dry leaves and disappear.
We halted within easy sight of the house.
“Remember,” Damon murmured, “Bonnie does her thing, they get knocked out, Elena and I go and grab Stefan. Meanwhile, you two,” and he jabbed twin fingers at me and Caroline, “douse the leaves outside with gasoline, yeah, and the second we’re out, Bonnie, set fire to the rain, and you stay within-“
“Sight of Bonnie, yes, Damon, I know,” I barked at him tersely. He gave me a long, piercing look from those sapphire eyes of his, and then he and Elena picked up the steel stakes and walked away, just like that.
I stayed within easy sight of the witch, as Caroline jogged through the trees to the other side of the ramshackle hut. Bonnie closed her eyes and clutched the necklace with the strange amber locket she always kept with her: a talisman. Something to draw power from. I crouched behind an enormous tree trunk, hands gripping my steel stake tightly, as the seconds ticked by.
Bonnie held up three fingers.

There was an odd, muffled thunder, and then the house exploded.

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