Of Goddesses


It’s been a while.

And I have missed you so, so much.

“You” being the hypothetical audience I imagine I’m talking to when I write here. You realise that I have no actual proof you exist, right? But I prefer Schrodinger’s thought-process here, choosing to look on the optimistic side of it: you do exist. (Congratulations! I think!)

Anyway, I have been absent for one whole month from this blog that I recently decided to dedicate my life to. (I’m not kidding. One fine day I awoke from a fresh existential crisis and went, “Screw this. I’m done trying to figure out what I want to do. Instead, here’s what I love to do right now and that’s what I’m going to focus on.” And voila- just like that you have me determinedly running behind you like an over-exuberant lapdog for the rest of your existence.) But unlike on most of my other  accidental hiatuses, this one has been productive, dedicated to producing more things for your pleasure and perusal, messieurs and mesdames. So here’s an update, detailing all the things that’s been going on behind the curtains of C’est la vie!


That’s right! I’d planned on making the announcement a bit more, you know, spectacular, but like all my best-thought-out plans, this one went out of the window halfway through and now you have to deal with this mellower (but nonetheless delightful) version of it, instead!

Our (yours AND mine) project is called “Goddesses“. I’m Indian (just in case you didn’t know.) and October, for me and tens of thousands of others celebrating the festival of “Navratri”, is the month of the Goddess: a time to celebrate femininity and the various aspects of the female form: the warrior, the mother, the daughter, the friend, and so on. Through our project, four other writers and I will set out to find the Goddesses in our society. Starting on October 16th, we’ll be putting up two short stories each week, based on the figure of the everyday Goddesses in our lives.


There- that’s the official poster-thingy! Isn’t it delightful?! Isn’t it crazy that it actually exists?! This was made by my very talented, very wonderful friend Delaney, found through another very talented, very awesome friend called Marisa, bless both their souls!

In grand tradition of all my best-laid plans getting kicked out of the door like a graduate at a job interview, my plans to go ahead with “Goddesses” on October 2nd, too, went wildly off the rails. That was also a reason I was incommunicado for so long: I’d really hoped the next post on this blog to directly be an entry from the project, and the Goddesses taking part in it, and when it didn’t happen, it kind of broke my heart. The very existence of this project was threatened, and I think that for the first time in my life (and hopefully the last), I experienced the horrifying possibility of having to abort a project that one is emotionally and work-wise bound up in, due to circumstances entirely beyond one’s control.

The Goddess and heavens and writers and Muses and Beyonce be thanked, everything is going fine now, finally back on track. Hopefully, we’re going to get up this mammoth baby, that I like to call my own, up on the interwebs, with actual content and illustrations and thingies, and hopefully you will like them, and hopefully it will be all kinds of awesome at the end. The catch is that we won’t really know that until we get there, will we? All’s well that ends well, but until it actually does, it’s mostly just palpitation-inducing nervous adrenaline, really. But I suppose that’s what makes it so exciting. And that’s why I’m loving it so much. And in the end, I know it’s going to be worth every drop of blood, sweat, tears and snot I’ll spend on it. And there’s even a lovely new surprise in store! (More on that in November.)

Come along with me for the ride! (I’ll keep the snot off you, I promise.) Read, laugh, cry, curse, get mad, criticize, do everything and anything you want to- just… be there. Ride this with me till the end- and then we’ll do it all over again, savouring all the good bits and conveniently forgetting the rest.

We’ll be waiting for you.

PS: here’s a mental image of that so I can emotionally blackmail you into feeling bad for me, and thus reading the wonderful stories we’ll be putting up here soon.

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