The Doodle Project: Holi


the day we wore galaxies, the sun rained upon us


bodieswovearoundus, dancing reds, blues, greens, yellows

flashes of white gleamed near the stained mouths as clouds

swirled, trees, swirled, the water from the lake rose up and crashed down, the

buildings danced

we sat under a dribbling sky, drinking laughter, drinking youth drinking infamy

and judgement

the world crumbled and sprinkled itself on a bunch of dizzy heads

heavy hazes hovered around, settled down treacling around the stairs rolling thick

dolloping one by

one by



we lay and stared at the sun-drunk campus, now roaring

now empty, now sending sparkles of love passing through each and each

tips glowed and voices

laughed, squirrels scrambled up


and you told me “she’s gone”

and you turned to me and said, “we are alive”

and you and you and I, we sang and laughed under the unholy sky

“this is the moment, drowned in colours, drowned in song,

drowned in friendship

we live”




a commune

of lost causes, happier than could be

wearing pretty pretty galaxies

to string up in the bokehs of once-upon-a-sepia-suns

burra na mano, holi



Mehek Final 1

Mehek Final 2

Mehek Final 3


This poem was written by yours truly for The Doodle Project, the third collaborative enterprise presented on C’est la vie. The art was created by the wonderful Mehek.

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