The Doodle Project: Octopus


in a swirling grave where leaves dance

air sparkles

sunshine swims

settling in a gravel of clouded dust

reds blues greens dart a

way away

rubbery arms bunch and unfurl, bunch and unfurl, body

thins and stretches in a skeletal maze


one lone predator hangs : doom

teeth glisten

bulging tips of vacuum limbs dotted spotted white-orange black

sucks the sides, oozes gently, lazily unfolds and creeps along

loose like manes of a water-nymph

on the forest floor

silently settles, syrup light thickens on the forest floor

curls along the edges of a broken bottle, a slipper or two

and one pair of goggles from sydney

whispers past unblinking eyes

veiled mirrored in halves beaked inked

spilling tomb rumbles resonates engines stop net sweeps and q-

uick as a flash

in a grave

in a wave

in a castle

in a bottle

in a boot

o  c   t   o   p   u   s


Delaney Final


This poem was written by a person who really likes to procrastinate (me). The artwork, which I ADORE, was done by the equally adorable Delaney, our very old friend.

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