Collages Week 1: What It’s All About

If you follow Spiktinot on Facebook, you know that since the beginning of September, an art-poetry project called Collages has been going on, on this blog.


In our tiny corner of the world, which now has 1,000 people in it (whoo!), I have been trying to bring in some of the best young creators from all over the world.  We did it earlier this year with The Doodle Project, and we’re doing it now with our brand new baby, Collages.

8 poets and 2 artists have come together for Collages, which will continue throughout September, with new poetry and art being uploaded every weekend on Facebook.  It’s a mammoth convention of beauty, basically.

I don’t think any of these creators need an introduction.

But, because I’m so proud of them, and so proud of working with them, here are a few lines anyway.

The Writers

Harnidh and Tanvi are two of India’s most well-known poetesses. Harnidh’s book of poetry, The Inability of Words, will feature on my October playlist as one of the most dynamic collections of poetry I have read.  I’m in love with Tanvi as a person and a creator whose effortless, profound wordplay has influenced my poems.

Avnika and Swastika are off to perform at the upcoming National Youth Poetry slam with Kalki Koechlin and Biswa Kalyan Rath, not to mention Sarah Kay herself. Dishani is a poet with Saintbrush, one of Kolkata’s premier poetry-and-art platforms.

Sayan is a contributor at Terribly Tiny Tales, one of India’s most popular microliterature pages. The dude prefers to be an overachiever and so is also a Contributing Editor at Berlin ArtParasites. Aastha is a veteran member of the Spiktinot family. Her Instagram updates provide me with my daily dose of poetic inspiration. Mariem, meanwhile, is a total trooper who agreed to jump onboard two weeks before Collages was due to start. She’s a poet and writer with Berlin ArtParasites and an absolute ray of sunshine. She’s also from Egypt and speaks French. Yep.

The Artists

Souradeep and Mudita were introduced to me by my classmate, artist Roopkatha Banerjee. (Roop’s backgrounds have been turning up on Spiktinot as well!) Souradeep is a student at the MIT Institute of Design. He has created the art for the first two weeks of Collages and appears to love memes, much like *ahem* me. Mudita is way too classy for either of us.She studies at the National Institute of Design. She will come on board with Collages for the last two weeks  of September.

This is an independent blog, which means we’re not doing this for profit.

It’s only the love of creation that has brought us together. It’s my dream to turn Spiktinot into an Art-Lit blog that supports independent artists and creators all over India. This is a step towards doing just that.

Here is the art that was born during the first week of Collages.

Collages: Week 1

Theme: Water.




The second weekend of Collages starts tomorrow with a poem by Tanvi Mona Deshmukh, followed by India’s favourite poetess, Harnidh Kaur.

I have poured my blood, sweat and tears into this project, as I do with every other, in an effort to move he Universe’s immovable will to notice me, to acknowledge that I exist. I’m not sure that’s happening. But at least I’m trying. And I choose to believe that in that trying lies success. At least, that’s what I choose to believe.

Saturday, 11 am on Facebook.

See you there.

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