Loner Attends Holi Party, Enjoys It

I attended a Holi bash on Monday!

I know, I know, I’m surprised too. But when a loner is not only motivated to leave her home but also actually enjoys the party, you know it was a job well done. Here’s a look back at the Holi party I’ll remember for a long time:

WHAT: UNITED HOLI Event, with Kolkata Bloggers as the Online Partner

WHERE: Orchid Gardens

WHEN: 13th March 2017


Actress & celebrity DJ Shilpi Sharma attended the do, lending her own spin to a morning that was sinfully nasha-ful already.  Actor Kartik Aaryan of Pyaar ka Punchnama fame encouraged those who fought for their honour and a place in the record books.

DJ Shilpi Sharma in action


DJ Akash Rohira, DJ Girish, DJ Felix and others played Bolly tunes to set the atmosphere. Bawalia, a folk music troupe, also played, on stage as well as mingling with the crowd. I don’t know much about Hindi film songs, but everyone seemed to be having fun so that was nice.

Reveller Ronak Jain with his friends


The field was strewn with colourful shamiyanas hosting everything from herbal colours, to party hats, to food stalls and a shisha bar. Momos, chaat, pakoras, and other bits were available, along with thandai and authentic Keventers milkshakes. Ah, bliss.

Reveller Aakash Giya with his human friend and his shisha friend



I had the opportunity to speak to Aparajita Chowdhury, Director of A2Z events.

“The Holi event has actually entered the Limca Book of Records for the most number of jalebis eaten by 180 people in two and a half minutes!” she said. “This isn’t the first time UNITED had done this either. During the event UDAAN, 1400 people had participated in kite-flying and created a new record.”

Wonder what the 3000 people who attended the Holi celebration could have accomplished together?


Ever watched an enormous field full of colour-drunk happy people enjoying themselves unrestrainedly? That’s what happened at Orchid Gardens on Monday. In the crowd were Garazi, Alyssa and Paloma from Spain. “We work in New Delhi,” said Garazi, “We’re on vacation and this is our first holi here. We’re having a blast!” Groups of friends sat in a cloud of sheesha fumes, and little children as well as adults ran about flinging colours in the air.

Garazi, Alyssa and Paloma


Not only was an entire stage at the event created out of recycled materials, the organizers from A2Z events made sure that everybody was able to celebrate Holi, not just those who can afford it. Students from an NGO called Tiljala SHED that empowers vulnerable women and children. The kids looked like they were having a brilliant time. Rubina, of class 9, affirmed as much by simply saying, “BAHUT masti hui hain aaj!”

The children from the NGO


The Holi event organized by A2Z events was a lovely way to celebrate the festival of colour in a safe manner. In a world where safety of individuals as well as the environment is a debatable issue, the organizers did a great job of balancing fun with security and social responsibility. Kudos to them!

All photographs (other than DJ Sharma’s) are the copyrighted property of Sagnik Karmakar.

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